Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Perfect Harmony

We've all met people of whom we think, "His name sure suits him," or "Why do I always want to call her Cindy?--She just LOOKS like a Cindy, not a Sandra, to me." Harmony is one of those people of whom I think, "Yep, she IS her name. She adds a bit of depth--a bit of resonance--a bit of harmony with her presence. I know that others think the same. After the introductions were complete during a small group gathering, someone quipped (in Spanish, of course),"I am the melody, you are the harmony." Hardly batting an eye, and not even waiting for the translation, Harmony mumbled, "...In EVERY language." Obviously, folks from India, to Hong Kong, to Mexico agree that Harmony 'resonates' her name.

Our ten days together went by too quickly, but each day was a blessing for us. We didn't do anything monumental, Harmony simply walked with us as we went about the work God has given our hands to do. Of course, our biggest, and most important ministry is caring for a very special 10 year old. So, Harmony was right in her element with that task. She and Logan had a great time together. In fact, after leaving them alone one night while Bern and I went visiting, we learned a few days later just how much fun they had. There must have been a "tight-lip" pact between the two of them; however, the sordid details are just now slowly leaking out: a trip to the local store for chips and munchies, a serious, winner-takes-all Monopoly game (rumor is: Harmony won!), staying up to all hours of the night!!! Isn't it great when others make lasting memories for our children?! Logan had a wonderful time.

Caring for Loggie means caring for all his neighbourhood buddies. Since we returned from our summer trip to Canada, the boys have been complaining about being bored. With Harmony's athletic skills, love for children and endless energy, we decided it would be a real treat to have a play day in the park. Logan spread the word, we gathered the Youth from La Comunidad de Cristo, and Harmony planned the games. Everyone had so much fun that plans were underway to do it again, but for the kids, it wouldn't be soon enough. They would have loved to have kept Harmony playing all day, every day! She was a trooper, even in the heat.

We spent time with the youth at Miramar.

Needless to say, they LOVED Harmony

We visited our precious friends at La Casa Del Anciano.

Harmony received some sweet kisses!

Harmony went out on the town with Angeles.

My personal favourite: We went around hugging strangers.
We showed the youth a video of the "hug campaign" and asked them how they would like to do that. To my surprise, they were MORE than eager to take on the challenge. So we made our signs and went to the local grocercy store. The pictures say it all:

And finally, Harmony got a taste of Mexican-style worship. Where's Harmany?

Thank you, Harmony, for blessing us and those that we love here in Mexico. Come back soon!

Until next blog,
Alicia for the Krogsgaards

PS. I literally spend HOURS trying to this blog set up. And as you see, the spacing is NEVER what is the preview shows it to be. I find it a very difficult and slow process to add pictures. I got many comments that the slide show from the last blog did not embed properly so no one, as far as we know, was able to see the pictures from our summer. I'm DONE with blogspot. I am now accepting ANY imput as to which blog site you find user-friendly, especially for posting pictures. Thanks for suggestions. Good-bye, Blogspot!


Kresten said...

Thanks for the post. Sorry that it is such a pain to get it to look right. Looks like a lot of fun (I'm not sure how much fun the free hug-a-stranger-a-thon would have been for me though...haha)Good job.

Janelle Ross said...

Harmony is a blessing, isn't she! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. I love the hugging thing too. I was thinking of doing some kind of long-term kindness type project with the boys this year and this sparked some ideas.

I use wordpress Alicia, and I have really liked it. They have so many templates, some of which are specifically designed for people who post lots of pictures. I think you would find something you were happy with there. I am planning some changes on my blog, but will definitely stay with wordpress.

Ian said...

Ruth and I are looking forward to our hugs too! I like the picture of Harmony and the chickens, priceless.